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"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius

Ancient Balance Therapy

Back in Ancient centuries,

people found that natural ingredients such as flowers, herbs are beneficial for health.  They extract the best part from flowers and herbs, with special formulations, use different method (such as breath in, massage, bathing, etc...) to treat body, skin and keep your health right in balance.


only emperors can enjoy the steaming technique for this therapy. Since there was no such thing as electricity as today. While using steam, there are  a lot of firewood and water involved. Ordinary people cannot afford.

Thanks for our scientist now days. Who found out electricity from our world and invented different machines for this treatment. 

Now we can enjoy this treatment as much as possible with our special trained Therapist that helps your to get truely relax bring back balance to your health and your life. While everything got balanced. You will discover a new world. 

Beauty Blossom

A Special Treatment that designed for women

Detox from mind, body and soul
Stress Release
Balance female vitality 
Warms Cold hands/feet
Normalize menstruation period
Better Skin

Awaken Sunrise

Treatment that Specially designs for Men

Stress Release
Detox from mind, body and soul
Balance Men's Power
Reduce Body odor

Honeymoon Journey

Couple Treatment

Double the Joy, Double the result when you doing with your significan other.
You're not only getting the benefits from single treatment, but also bring out sweetness for your relationship.
While your relationship get improved, everything in your life get improved.


Life is full of challenges. We're facing stress, toxic from environment and emotion everyday which could always impact our health, relationship and life.
Luckily, we brought an renovated royal treatment back from ancient centuries - Ancient Balance Therapy. To help bring back balance to your mind, body and soul. Then achieve a healthier lifestyle.




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